Transportation Solutions

Transportation manufacturers are an important group of our customers. Our history with both sealing solutions and heat management within the industry gave us a unique perspective on the appliance industry. Heat Management is our strength which is enhanced by strong relationships within the insulation industry

We understand the design pressures on transportation manufacturers today, enhanced options, increased speed, expanded capacity and higher temperatures all in an existing footprint. When included early in the design process Specialty Gaskets can help to eliminate design issues that often are revealed when it's too late.

Our access to industry-leading lab facilities allows us to tailor a package to fit your exact requirements.  Gaskets offers real, long-term solutions through superior product  and a close relationship through the entire design process.

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We provide custom die-cut and flash-cut products at high volumes, as well as custom tadpole designing and sewing applications. We provide custom packaging and  options to meet your specific needs.