EV Batteries

Make Specialty Gaskets Inc. your first choice for all your EV Battery gasket needs!

Powering the future requires innovation at every level, and at Specialty Gaskets Inc., we are at the forefront of providing advanced materials for the Electric Vehicle (EV) battery industry. As a trusted gasket manufacturer, we specialize in crafting high-performance components and creating tailored solutions that fit the unique requirements of electric vehicle batteries.


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    Custom Design and Creation

    material expertise

    Material Expertise

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    Competitive Quotes

    Thermal Solution Experts

    Thermal Solution Experts


    Our expertise lies in the fabrication and supply of key materials, including:

    • Silica Mat & Paper: Heat resistant material which can be used over long periods without loss of properties and without melting and vaporising at temperatures of up to 1832°F (1000°C).
    • Ceramic Mat & Paper: Engineered for durability and thermal stability, our ceramic solutions provide an additional layer of protection, safeguarding your EV batteries against extreme conditions.
    • Fiberglass Mat & Paper: Fiberglass materials offer excellent insulation properties, ensuring a secure and efficient environment for the battery cells, while also providing mechanical strength and resilience.

    In addition to our core offerings, we can fabricate and supply a wide range of other materials tailored to your specific requirements. Our commitment to quality, coupled with competitive pricing, makes us the go-to partner for the EV battery industry's evolving needs.