rapid prototype

Rapid Prototyping

We leverage cutting-edge technology to swiftly bring your design concepts to life. Our rapid prototyping process allows for quick iteration, ensuring that you get a firsthand look at the functionality and fit of your gaskets. Benefit from reduced lead times and cost-effective solutions as we seamlessly transition your ideas into tangible prototypes. 

part assembly


We extend our capabilities to offer comprehensive parts assembly solutions. Whether it's intricate components or complex configurations, our skilled assembly teams ensure the perfect fit, enhancing the functionality and performance of your final product. Partner with us for a streamlined manufacturing process, where precision meets efficiency in every assembled part.



Our expert teams meticulously assemble and package gasket components, streamlining your inventory management and reducing assembly time. From customized kits for specific applications to standardized packages for efficiency, our kitting services ensure a hassle-free experience. 



At Specialty Gaskets we stock many common materials and parts. Special orders and custom parts can be stocked and released on a schedule as per the customer's needs. 


Value Added Service

Specialty Gasket's Value Added Service goes beyond providing quality product. We offer tailored consulting, technical support, and customized solutions to optimize performance. With on-site facilities and efficient logistics, we aim to be your strategic partner, enhancing operational efficiency and minimizing downtime.