OEM Insulation

Specialty Gaskets Inc. stands out in the industry with our commitment to a meticulous, application-specific approach in designing and engineering gasket products. We prioritize delivering exceptional thermal, acoustical, and safety performance tailored to the unique requirements of our clients. Our use of Johns Manville materials underscores our dedication to technological advancement, providing customers with a comprehensive range of top-tier insulation solutions.

At Specialty Gaskets Inc., our focus extends beyond products to an unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction. With a history of proven performance, our team ensures that every project benefits from our expertise and the reliability of our materials. When you choose Specialty Gaskets Inc., you're choosing a partner committed to delivering excellence in both products and service, meeting and exceeding your expectations in every application.

OEM Insulation Solutions


Specialty Gaskets offers a unique relationship to work closely with customers and vendors that emphasizes problem-solving, unique solutions, and high-quality products. We have dedicated account managers who build relationships with Purchasing, Production, Development and Quality teams.

Every customer is unique and we understand the importance of catering our goods and services to the unique needs of our customers. We work with our suppliers every step of the way to ensure timely ordering, quality assurance and product development. We work closely with our customers and identify their needs to fit seamlessly with like an extension of their organizations.

Our service commitment means the best materials fabricated into the highest quality products. However, we don't limit ourselves to what is on the shelves, offering creative solutions to fit unusual & complex needs. We offer responsive customer service addressing your needs, including your Specialty Gaskets Sales Representative personally liaising with customer service, production and logistics to make sure your requirements are met.

 Gaskets goes beyond just order taking and delivery. We work with you to address specific needs in product development, cost and labour-saving alternatives to become your total fabrication solution.

We provide custom die-cut and flash-cut products at high volumes, as well as slitting, laminating and adhesive application. We provide custom packaging and  options to meet your specific needs.