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Weatherproof Trim Seals by Trim-Lok are the fastest and easiest way to create a finished edge to seal and protect against weather damage. Made of durable PVC plastic trim combined with EPDM sponge rubber bulb seal, these water-resistant seals are available in a wide variety of bulb sizes and designed to attach to a wide range of edge thicknesses.

Trim Seals are the most reliable solution for anything that needs a weatherproof seal with a finished look, making it the product of choice for use in many industries, including automotive, marine, and transportation. Applications include weather stripping for boat hatches, RV storage compartments, and doors. 

Weatherproof seals should be used anywhere a solid, reliable seal is needed – including storage containers, toolboxes, and RV doors. These weatherproof Trim Seals protect and seal against water and weather damage so your products won’t be affected by rain, snow, or extreme heat.