Topog-E Obround Series 180

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Topog-E® Series 180 gaskets have been refined through a series of over 600 research formulation tests to ensure that they are able to meet the exacting performance standards of the steam boiler industry. Topog-E® Series 180 gaskets have been used successfully around the world for over forty years. In general, any type of industrial pressure vessel or tank that has inspection openings is a potential application where Topog-E® Series 180 gaskets can be used as a cost effective sealing device. In addition to using them in steam pressure vessels, customers also use Topog-E® molded gaskets and sheet material with great success in many other applications.

 Typical Applications

·        Water softeners

·        Hot water heaters

·        Steam humidifiers and cookers

·        Water purifies and demineralizers

·        Refrigeration units

·        Liquid treatment vessels


·        Carbon absorption and filtering vessels

·        Dryer cans in paper mills

·        Water hydrants

·        Air starters and receivers

·        Deaerators


·        Mixing Tanks

·        Compressed air tanks

·        Various types of dryers

·        PVC rector vessels

·        Hatch covers

·        Water towers and columns

 Material Description

 Special, proprietary rubber composition, black, 80-85 durometer


 Service Summary

 Steam Boilers

 Up to 180 psi (12 bar) and 380oF (193oC) water, condensate, etc


 200+ psi (14+ bar) and less than 300oF (150oC)

Topog-E® Series 180 gaskets are specifically formulated to have excellent resistance to steam and hot and cold water. They also have good resistance to: 


 Silicone oils and greases

 Dilute acids

 Selected refrigerants




 Animal and vegetable fats

 Phosphate esters


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