Pure Gum Rubber Sheet 40 Duro

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A soft, long wearing non-marking natural rubber. Pure gums have excellent abrasion and tear resistance. It also has superior resilience, tensile and elongation characteristics. Gum rubber is also excellent on all steel surfaces against abrasion. 

Pure gum is not suitable for outdoor or oil resistance applications. It is also used for gasket and sand/shot blast curtain manufacturing. Pure Gum Rubber has excellent adhesion to fabric and metal. It is widely used to manufacture sleeves for chutes on cement mixers.






 2300 PSI




 40 SHORE "A" +/- 5

 Temperature Range

 -40oF to 158oF
 (-40oC to 70oC)


Technical Data Sheet

SGI - Pure Gum Rubber 40 Duro.pdf