Mineral Wool

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Mineral Wool batts are made of inorganic fibers derived from basalt, a volcanic rock . Our advanced manufacturing technology ensures consistent product quality, with high-fiber density and low shot content for excellent performance.

Mineral wool insulation provides excellent fire resistance and soundproofing capabilities. While it offers comparable thermal insulation to ceramic fibre blankets, it can be denser and less flexible.

Non-combustible, fire- and moisture-resistant, mineral wool insulation is designed to deliver thermal control and delay the spread of fire in wood-stud cavities of exterior walls, basements and heated crawlspaces.

Thermally Efficient: Effective resistance to heat transfer with R-values up to R-30.
Fire-Resistant: Melting point in excess of 2000˚F (1093˚C). Flame Spread of 0 and Smoke Developed of 0.