1401 Millboard

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1401 Millboard is a high temperature material for use in gasketing, insulation, personal protection, heat and flame barriers, dryers, parting media and expansion joints. It is intended for use in applications with maximum continuous operating temperatures up to 2300oF (1260oC) and it resists melting up to 3200oF (1760oC).

 Typical Properties





 0.56 g/cc (35 lb/cu.ft)

 ASTM F 1315


 20% (at 12 MPa)

 ASTM F 36

 Tensile Strength, MD

 5.17 MPa (750 psi)

 ASTM F 152

 Tensile Strength, AMD

 2.07 MPa (300 psi)

 ASTM F 152

 Thermal Conductivity

 0.09 W/m.K (at 260oC)

 0.11 W/m.K (at 430oC)

 0.15 W/m.K (at 700oC)

 0.19 W/m.K (at 870oC)

 ASTM F 433

 Weight Loss on Ignition

 8% (at 538oC)

 ASTM F 495


Chemical Analysis, By Weight

 Silicone Oxide


 Aluminum Oxide


 Other Oxides

 5.25 %