Flexible Graphite with Foil Insert Sheet

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An expanded graphite based material with stainless steel foil insert, improving handling and enhancing the surface load. This product has excellent chemical and thermal resistance. Its high creep resistance and high compressibility make it suitable for highly demanding conditions in the chemical and petrochemical industries.

This is an ideal sheet gasket for most industrial fluid sealing applications as it is resistant to corrosive chemicals, high temperature and high pressure. Can be used in refineries, chemical and petrochemical plants, paper mills, mines and other industrial fields.

 Working Temperature Range

 Oxidizing Environment,
 such as air

 -400oF t0 950oF
 (-240oC to 510oC)

 Mild Oxidizing Environment

 -400oF to 1500oF
 (-240oC to 850oC)

 Non-Oxidizing Environment

 Up to 1800oF (982oC), the limit of Stainless Steel Insert

 (ASTM F36)


 (ASTM F36)


 Creep Relaxation
 (ASTM F38)

 Less than 5%


Technical Data Sheet

SGI - 316 Foil Insert Graphite.pdf