Durlon 9600 Sheet

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Durlon® 9600 is an expanded PTFE gasket material designed to seal at low loads and resist creep and cold flow, while being able to withstand high flange load and high pressures. Durlon® 9600 will easily conform to irregular surfaces that may be warped, etched, pitted or tool marked. These characteristics make Durlon® 9600 your best choice for a broad range of aggressive chemicals where plastic flanges and low bolt loads are a requirement.

Typical Physical Properties

Color White
Binder Pure PTFE
Fluid Services Steam, nitric acid, TiO2, ClO2, H2O2, liquors, sulfur dioxide, brown stock, phosphoric acid
Density 0.8 g/cc (49.9 lbs/cu. ft)
Tensile Strength, ASTM F152
Compressibility, ASTM F36 40 to 60%
Recovery, ASTM F36 12%
Continuous, max
-350 to 600°F
Pressure, max 1,800 psig
Leakage, DIN 3535 0.01 cc/min
Creep Relaxation, ASTM F38 30%