Durlon 9400 Sheet

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Durlon® 9400 is made from pure PTFE resins and carbon fillers designed for use in piping and equipment in chemical, pharmaceutical, food and other severe service industrial applications, where chemical resistance and sealability are paramount. Durlon® 9400 does not exhibit cold flow problems associated with conventional PTFE. It has been developed to be used in hydrofluoric acid, anhydrous hydrogen fluoride (AHF) in railroad tank cars and chemical plant applications where barium sulfate PTFE may not prove suitable.

Typical Physical Properties

Color Black
Fiber Carbon
Binder Pure PTFE
Fluid Services Acids, aqueous and anhydrous hydrogen fluoride, steam, fuels, oils, alcohols
Density 2.1 g/cc (103 lbs/cu. ft)
Tensile Strength, ASTM F152 2,100 psi (14.5 MPa)
Compressibility, ASTM F36 5 to 12%
Recovery, ASTM F36 40%
Continuous, max
-350 to 550°F
Pressure, max 1,500 psig
Leakage, DIN 3535 0.01 cc/min
Creep Relaxation, ASTM F38 30%