Ceramic Fiber Tape with Wire Insert

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Ceramic Fiber Tape with wire insert is a narrow woven fabric manufactured from high temperature alumino-silicate based ceramic fiber reinforced with high temperature fiberglass. The product is white and odorless, suitable for high temperature applications up to 2300°F.

Main Characteristics and Properties
  • Low thermal conductivity, low heat storage, high temperature stable, thermal shock resistant
  • Fire and flame proof
  • Chemical resistant, compatible with most corrosive chemicals, commonly used acid and alkali (exceptions are hydrofluoric, phosphoric acids and concentrated alkalies)
  • Lightweight, woven texture with excellent handling strength,
Product Applications
  • Safety and protective insulation covers, strip curtains, door seals;
  • Insulation wrapping material for cable, wire, pipe, exhaust, etc;
  • Gaskets, tadpole gasket and other high temperature insulation seal.