Inconel Inserted Ceramic Cloth

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Ceramic cloth is designed and manufactured to meet a wide range of demanding high-temperature wrap, blanket, curtain and shielding applications. These products are high-performance, industrial fabrics for continuous use in high temperature environments. These products are durable, withstanding extreme conditions and use.

 Typical Applications

·        Expansion joints

·        Safety blankets

·        Curtains

·        Welding blankets

·        Protective and insulating covers

·        Shields

·        Gaskets

·        Cable or pipe wrapping


 Physical Characteristics


 Glass Filament

 Working Temperature


 Specified Temperature


 Melting Point


 Loss of Ignition

 < 18%

 Thermal Conductivity




Chemical Composition 

 Aluminum Oxide, Al2O3


 Silicon Dioxide , SiO2


 Iron III Oxide, Fe2O3

 < 1.1 %