Garlock Blue-Gard 3400 Sheet

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Garlock Blue-Gard 3400 is a compressed, non-asbestos gasket made from aramid fibers with an SBR binder. Its excellent sealability can drastically lower emissions levels and reduce waste in water, saturated steam*, and inert gas applications.

 Features and Benefits Typical Applications
  • Excellent sealability
  • Improved torque retention
  • Drastically lowered emissions levels
  • Cuts operational costs through reduced waste, maintenance, stocked inventory, fluid loss, and energy consumption
  • Water
  • Saturated steam*
  • Inert gases


*This style is not the preferred choice for steam service, but is successful when adequately compressed. Minimum recommended assembly stress = 4,800 psi. Preferred assembly stress = 6,000-10,000 psi. Gasket thickness of 1/16" strongly preferred. Retorque the bolts/studs prior to pressurizing the assembly. For saturated steam above 150 psig or superheated steam, consult Garlock Engineering.


 Aramid fibers, fillers, and an SBR rubber binder
Grey-black color
Min. Temperature -100oF / -73oC
Max Temperature 700oF / 370oC
Continuous Max 400oF / 205oC
Max Pressure 1200 PSI / 83 bar
Maximum PxT 1/16 350,000 (oF x PSIG)
12,000 (bar x oC)
Maximum PxT 1/8 250,000 (oF x PSIG)
8,600 (bar x oC)