7810 Hi Temp Valve Packing 

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Style 7810 packing is a proprietary braid-over-core construction, using a special high temperature, inconel reinforced fiber and a non-hardening core. The packing is impregnated with a high temperature resistant compound and coated with fine particles of graphite to act as a surface lubricant. Style 7810 is also treated with a sacrificial material to alleviate electrolytic action.

Style 7810 is a firm, high density, non-asbestos packing. It can handle steam, most chemicals, mild acids, and alkalies. It is excellent for use in steam turbines, high temperature motoractuated slide valves, and in high pressure/high temperature valving in general.

 Maximum Temperature  1200oF (650oC)
 Static Pressure  4350 psi (300 bar)
 Shaft Speed  400 fpm
 pH Range  2 - 12


Technical Data Sheet

SGI Packing 7810