7520 TFE (LUBR) Packing 

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Style 7520 is a soft and pliable interlock braided packing manufactured from pure PTFE filaments pre-treated with PTFE dispersion, plus a break-in lubricant to reduce the coefficient of friction. Style 7520 is a dimensionally stable packing, yet relatively soft and pliable, which has excellent lubricating and running characteristics. It handled allacids, alkalis and most chemicals, with the exception of molten alkali metals. It is suited for high speed rotary shaft service and is also commonly used on reciprocating pumps, mixers, agitators, and reactors.

For services where lubricants other than PTFE cannot be tolerated, Style 7521 packing is recommended. For FDA and food service applications, Style 7510 is recommended.

 Minimum Temperature  -328oF (-200oC)    Pressure
 Maximum Temperature  540oF (280oC)    Rotating  435 psi (30 bar)
 Shaft Speed  2350 fpm    Reciprocating  435 psi (30 bar)
 pH Range  0 - 14    Static  1450 psi (100 bar)


Technical Data Sheet

SGI Packing 7520