7501 TFE/Graph/Kevlar Packing 

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Style 7501 is an interlock braid of EG2 PTFE/graphite yarn that is reinforced with high strength aramid yarn corners. EG2 yarn is formed from expanded PTFE in which fine particles of graphite have been encapsulated. The resulting packing provides good chemical resistance and heat dissipation plus anti-extrusion strength. This packing can handle a broad range of chemicals in the 2-12 pH range. It is used in paper mill stock pumps, agitators, or any service where high strength and good lubricating qualities are needed.

 Minimum Temperature  -240oF (-150oC)    Pressure
 Maximum Temperature  540oF (280oC)    Rotating  435 psi (30 bar)
 Shaft Speed  3900 fpm    Reciprocating  2900 psi (200 bar)
 pH Range  2 - 12    Static  2900 psi (50 bar)


Technical Data Sheet

SGI Packing 7501