June 25, 2021

With gasket sizes to fit every Steam Boiler in production today, Topog-E is internationally recognized and renowned for their high quality, exceptional performance and ease of installation.

Topog-E Series 180 gaskets are the standard for molded rubber Manway & Handhole gaskets. Manufactured from a proprietary compound designed to provide the best resistance to Steam, Heat, Pressure, Water and Treatment Chemicals in boiler applications up to 180 psi (12 Bar) and 380*F (193*C).

Topog-E Series 2000 gaskets are made from a Flexible Graphite material with reinforced layers of exfoliated graphite foil, and used in applications where temperatures and pressures are expected to exceed the standard conditions where a rubber gasket can be used. Topog-E Series 2000 gaskets are used in applications with operating conditions up to 2000 psi (138 Bar) and 636*F (336*C).

Both Series 180 and Series 2000 are available in Elliptical (Oval) and Obround shapes for both Manway and Handhole access cover plates & doors.

As a long time distributor of Topog-E gaskets Specialty Gaskets Inc. stocks most popular sizes – in Series 180 and Series 2000. Please contact us for more information and a competitive quote.

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