March 8, 2020 - Kevin Wigner

When flanges are misaligned or worn out, facilities need to carry multiple thicknesses of gasket sheet due to any number of variables. Each thickness of gasket differs when it comes to bolt torquing and installation. The common misconception is that the thicker the gasket, the better the seal. In fact, a thicker gasket may lead to reduced pressure resistance and reduced sealability characteristics.

GYLON EPIX™ has a hexagonal surface profile that can provide the torque retention and blowout resistance of a thinner gasket while maintaining the conformability of a thicker gasket. Its hexagonal profile reduces contact area, which concentrates the compressive force creating higher assembly stresses. The profile also helps promote resiliency, and the tight seal allows for minor movement, thermal cycling, or vibration in worn out, pitted, or damaged surfaces. 

GYLON EPIX™ is constructed of the same PTFE and filler materials as traditional GYLON® styles. Therefore, it is possible end users may not need to re-qualify the material, and is available in current GYLON® 3500 Fawn, GYLON® 3504 Blue, and GYLON® 3510 Off-White. GYLON EPIX™ is available in one universal thickness; 3/32". This eliminates the need to inventory multiple sheet thicknesses with different stress requirements and maximizes sheet usage and yields. 

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